What is an endoscope?

I was recently asked “What is an endoscope?”. Having been in the business for years it’s easy to forget that many people are not aware of what they are and what they are used for.

Medically, an endoscopy involves examining the inside of a person’s body using – you guessed it – an endoscope. This endoscope is a sterile medical device that has a long, flexible and thin tube. Usually it has a strong light and a video camera on the end too so the surgeon/doctor can see what’s inside you via a screen.  Points of entry are mouth and anus, although usually not at the same time…..

The exact same devices can now be purchased for tricky, hard to reach areas outside of the body!  The practical uses for endoscopes are numerous. Think:

  • Automotive – Car engine inspection without removing and stripping down
  • Plumbing – Pipework blockage diagnosis without needing to remove pipework
  • Duct work – making easy work of duct assembly, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Construction site work – an invaluable tool to those invvolved in the building and construction industry
  • Wall and cavity inspection – Restricted access inspection for rot, damage, asbestos etc
  • Vermin and rodent location – Tracking down vermin infestations, termites, rats, wasps etc
  • Industrial machinery – locating machine faults and imperfections